We started small.

In 2015, we started Innovative Composite Technologies was founded to champion the ​patent, “Sustainably Recyclable Articles of Manufacturing.”

In 2016, the patent was sold and we shifted our focus to weaving technical textiles for the ​e-commerce market.

From 2017-2023, we continued to diversify our product offerings for the composite ​market (resins, consumables, and kits) and branded our products, Venom Carbon.

2024 - future: The carbon market continues to exhibit strong growth in transportation, ​construction, and filtration, Innovative Composite Technologies mission is to explore and ​develop novel technical textile applications in collaboration with our customers... It’s our ​passion, our legacy.

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What we do
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When you know what technical textile design ​you want but can’t find a product developer to ​collaborate with, Innovative Composite ​Technologies is the company that will ​champion a solution from concept to ​production.

customized ​solutions

Customized solutions provide tailored answers ​to specific needs, optimizing efficiency and ​addressing unique challenges for businesses. We ​ensure that all resources are utilized effectively, ​leading to improved outcomes and a more ​personalized experience.

innovating ​value

We introduce new and creative elements setting ​your product apart. We focus on delivering ​cutting-edge solutions, staying ahead of the ​market, and continuously adapting to meet ​evolving needs, thereby offering a distinctive ​and forward-thinking advantage to our ​customers.


We create synergy with our customers by ​pooling resources, expertise, and networks. ​Collaboration fosters innovation, accelerates ​growth, and allows us to tap into your business’ ​strengths, resulting in a mutually beneficial ​relationship that goes beyond individual ​business capabilities.

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transportation: automotive ​aerospace, marine

industrial filtration

fiber reinforced products: ​concrete compounding

high temperature textiles

knife and gun stocks

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our vision

“Innovating value.”

Innovation is a collaborative ​and continuous journey to ​improve and reduce waste in ​products, processes, people, ​and technology to create more ​value for the end consumer.

relationship testimonials

Innovative Composites and Omnia Products ​have worked together since 2016. We first ​came to Innovative Composites to develop a ​specialized Leno weave utilizing UHMWPE ​fiber to be used in a water filtration product ​we produce for the nuclear power industry. ​There were some unique requirements due to ​the nature of the application and they nailed ​it. We have the utmost confidence in ​Innovative Composites supporting our needs ​for critical projects.

John Dispennette


Omnia Products

In January 2023, Aquacycl initiated discussions with Innovative ​Composite Technologies, marking the beginning of a fruitful ​collaboration that significantly reduced our operational costs. ​Aquacycl, specializes in on-site wastewater treatment for industrial ​customers, particularly in the food and beverage industry, striving to ​minimize our clients' operational expenses and carbon footprint. ​Through our partnership with Innovative Composite Technologies, ​we've enhanced our ability to offer cost-effective and sustainable ​wastewater management solutions, facilitating our continued ​growth. Looking ahead, we're excited to deepen this partnership, ​further driving benefits for our customers with innovative and ​efficient solutions.

Sophia Babanova, PhD

CTO & Co-Founder


Sophia Babanova, Ph.D.

CTO & Co-Founder


I have had the privilege of working with ​Innovative Composite Technologies (ICT) ​on several projects for my customers with ​custom carbon fabric weaving. ICT was able ​to promptly deliver fabrics to specification, ​and delivered on-time and flaw-free. They ​went the extra mile to ensure packaging was ​secure to avoid distortion in transit. Kyle is ​very professional and a pleasure to work ​with. Thank you, Kyle/ICT.

Anand V. Rau, Ph.D.

Crosslink Technologies

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